QuadraCentifiable - SEO Challenger

SearchMasters NZSEOChallenge.co.nz has WON!!!

Three months of hard work and SearchMasters NZSEOChallenge.co.nz has WON the inaugural New Zealand SEO Contest - TOP of Google for "QuadraCentifiable".

This competition has been about who has access to the most powerful and plentiful incoming links to be able to get a webpage ranked top. Almost every website needs such links, and SearchMasters has proven that they have access to the best. We can get your website ranked HIGHER on Google with effective Search Engine Optimisation. Contact us now to get higher on Google.

I have had a good deal of help from fellow New Zealand web developers who I have trained. Thanks! I have also given this site help from a number of my SearchMaster clients pages. But the bulk of linking has been from spun articles on various networks. Such articles have filled the Google alerts for a majority of the competition.

  • Who is the best at Search Engine Optimisation in New Zealand?
  • Who has the best linking strategies?

SearchMasters has proven with this competition that they have the skills needed for the challenge.

  • Quad = 4, Centi = hundred 4 x 100 -> therefore many times, or more than enough
  • Centifiable = Certified

Therefore, a quest to find someone that is More than Certified to do Search Engine Optimisation.

And someone Certifiably mad at entering an SEO competition with all the work that it entails.

4 things that people need to do to get their websites QuadraCertifiably QuadraCentified for SEO:
  • Search Phrase Selection
  • Search Phrases in the head of the html and body of the page
  • Website made to be SEO friendly
  • Links, links, and more incoming links
Lets make it our mission to spread the word, all New Zealand's websites are QuadraCentifiable; as a group of Search Engine Optimisers, lets make them all QuadraCentified.

The competition has been initiated by Adam Hutchinson of Fried.co.nz. He had ridden the length of New Zealand on a scooter with ensuing publicity for Yamaha. He created the New Zealand Txt Champion competition in part to promote his Fried text messaging solutions. Now he is promoting Search Engine Optimisation in New Zealand.

I like the design template of this website. With SEO we are trying to find the truth. Trying to reach out and touch the truth of how to SEO properly. The truth of what the Google SEO algorithm is. The trip can sometimes be tumultuous as in the ship going through stormy waters. The truth requires being teachable and reading maybe not many books, but many blog posts, and doing lots of research. The truth is out there and can save us once we find it.

Have you got the truth of SEO done for your website* ? Contact me - Michael Brandon of SearchMasters m@nzseochallenge.co.nz to properly SEO your website.

See the official New Zealand SEO Challenge website for more details.

I am entering another competition, this time a worldwide one, and one that has what could be a substantial prize pool. ShireeODiz is an online MakeItYourRing Diamond Engagement Ring Jeweller that is seeking new affiliates, and trying to find a partner for Search Engine Optimisation work. The competition phrase is MakeItYourRing Diamond Engagement Rings. Having just got engaged to the lovely Kim Fraser, and soon to be married this Saturday 22 January 2011, the competition is rather topical. I don't know what my chances are, as worldwide, there are people with rather large networks of sites they can get links from.

* Have you found the truth of Christianity! We have a good God who loves us, and wants the best for our lives. Accepting the truth of Christ and his death and resurrection lets the truth of God work in our lives for good.